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Gnome Remote Connection Manager
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Current Version: 0.1.6
Development Version: 0.1.7

Project Information

Gnome Remote Connection Manager is a gnome application that stores information
about remote connections. It gives you a GUI program to launch applications
like telnet, shh, or rdesktop. It is highly configurable as to what type of
applications it launches, so you are not limited to the three listed, for 
example I never thought of using it for ftp, but it would be easy to setup.
GRCM uses gconf to store information about connections.



> 07/06/2008

New Grcm release! We are pleased to announce the release of Grcm 0.1.6. This release fixes an issue with building on Fedora, and includes new spec file for easy RPM packaging. We expect to have a 0.1.7 release out in a few days with more bug fixes. You can download the new Grcm at the SourceForge download site.

> 05/06/2008

What has happened to grcm? Well, for starters there is a new developer that has taken over the project. He will work at fixing bugs and adding in the requested features. However to be honest with the users he has another large project that he works on, a full time job, new baby, and is stretched quite thin. Expect to see new 0.1.6 release, and some packages for Fedora. Also looking for Debian,Ubuntu packagers as well. Please post to the forum if you can help. Lastly he will work on docs on how to create different connections to assist new users of Remote Connection Manager.

> 18/05/2003

What has happened to grcm? Well, the developer has been awaiting a copy of Red hat 9.0 for building future versions of Grcm, as the gnome versions are different, However, I have got grcm to work fine under Red hat 9.0. Also, Thanks to Sári Gábor for sending in a Hungarian translation .po file, you can see it in action here and you can grab it here.  

> 04/03/2003

Work continues on grcm and the webpage, the FAQ section will be up shortly, if anyone has any action shots of grcm that they would like displayed, please email them here, we also want to hear what you would like to see in future versions of grcm, click here to submit your requests.

> 26/02/2003

Today is a special day for the grcm team, the new webpage is now up and is extensively been worked on to provide the most up to date information about grcm as possible. Bare with us while more content is added, their should be enough information to get you up and running. 

> 23/02/2003

0.1.5 of Grcm released. Check out what's new here

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