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0.1.6 Released
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0.1.5 Released

07/06/2008 - 0.1.6 (Current)

  • Added new RPM Spec file 

  • Fixed error when building on Fedora 9

  • Source has moved from CVS to subversion on sourceforge.

  • New developers have joined the project.

22/02/2003 - 0.1.5

  • Added some missing icons 

  • Fixed a callback in the Connections Dialog that made the default arguments from the connection appear when selected

20/02/2003 - 0.1.4

  • Major GUI enhancements

  • New icons

  • Simple configuration dialogs

  • Preferences dialog added

14/02/2003 - 0.1.3

  • Sort connection options added in preference

  • Right click features added to connection's

  • Small number of bugs were fixed

01/02/2003 - 0.1.2

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error if there wern't any connections defined. 

  • Added a help file. 

  • Fixed up the build process a little

01/02/2003 - 0.1.1 

  • Fixed a bug that popped up a dialog when cancel was clicked on the connections dialog

  • Added an argument entry for the connection types dialog

  • What ever is entered there will be the default for a new connection of that type


You can back up your connections dir by copying ~/.gconf/apps/grcm to someplace else.

25/01/2003 - 0.1.0  

Initial Release

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