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0.1.5 Released

Installing grcm is very easy, just follow these steps

For the impatient

tar -xzf grcm-0.1.x.tgz 
cd grcm-0.1.x
./configure --prefix=/usr 
make all install

The installation in more detail

Step 1

Obtain the latest package here.

Step 2

Extract the tar.gz package to a location, where x is the current version number.

sh-2.05a$ tar -xvf grcm-0.1.x.tar.gz

Step 3

Change into the grcm directory 

sh-2.05a$ cd grcm-0.1.x

Step 4

The first part of the installation we need to compile the source code and check for the required grcm dependencies.

sh-2.05a$ ./configure --prefix=/usr 

Step 5

Now we need to run the make command to build the application from the compiled source code.

sh-2.05a$ make

Step 6

After the make command has run successfully we need to run make install, this will install the binaries to their required locations, during this stage you will be prompted for your root password.

sh-2.05a$ su -c make install

Step 7

Your done, you can now lunch grcm with the following command or make a new launcher on your desktop for easy access, if you have any problems installing or running grcm head over to the FAQ section.

sh-2.05a$ grcm

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